John Jack Palomarez was Murdered

John Jack Palomarez was murdered by a female from a gang from Wilmington, this was an all-girl gang from what I know. I can’t identify all of the females that were involved. I have speculated for years that Rebecca Zulacia is the person who initiated the killing at the very least knew about the intentions of murdering my relative. Rebecca and Jack were married very young, on January 12, not exactly sure how they met or where, but she still lives in Los Angeles, in Whittier with her brother, she is not married, but I believe she has a son.

The rumor was that Jack was going to work that night he was shot around 12:35 am and he had a life insurance policy which may have been the reason why he was murdered because Rebecca was still legally married to Jack at the time although they were separated six months after they were married. She was given 10,000 in cash from the policy. Which leaves me to question, why?

When people are young they don't break up so quickly which, at the time Jack was 20 and Rebecca was 18 from the records I found, kids are usually in love or infatuated with each other, so for these two, to be separated only six months after being married raises questions, about Rebecca? I was only five during this time, but my uncle was a piece that was the sign of his zodiac. Pieces are romantics, people who want to be in love, they don’t go out of their way to create problems or cause with intentions. Rebecca is a Virgo they're usually insecure, selfish, and greedy people, and that is why I believe Rebecca split apart from Jack only six months later.

I asked about Rebecca from other relatives but haven’t received anything substantial, other than Nuni expressing he didn’t like her and warned Jack about her, so he said. I do theorize she knew and maybe initiated the set-up to have Jack killed. I also speculate she may have called him on the phone to meet her somewhere as he was walking from my grandma’s house through a residential neighborhood that had numerous killings over the years.

Now it's possible he could have been coming from a bar around the corner but not likely because there was no alcohol in his blood from the autopsy report. Jack wasn’t known to be a drinker or drug user, from any of his friends or people that knew him. My uncle wanted out of that neighborhood, one month after his murder a letter came from the college that he was accepted to the “psychology department”. This clearly indicates he wanted more, he wanted out of the stigma and shit that his life surrounded. The autopsy reported he had barbiturates in his blood, I believe this was a lie to go against his race. The report is written sloppily with gross negligence stating Jack was white, but he was not. The lies on the report, also state an address of 522 West Riggin St in Monterey Park I have nothing indicating Jack ever lived there alone or with Rebecca. Rebecca was living at her stepfather's house 329 Gleason Ave in Monterey Park which was about 10 to 15 mins in a car from what I measured, maybe 30 minutes on foot depending on how fast you’re walking. This house has recently been sold as he is now dead, his name was Paul (unknown last name).

Jack was murdered on the corner in a small neighborhood between Verona St and West of Ferris Ave. in East Los Angeles. This neighborhood on foot was about 15 to 20 minutes from my grandma’s house where she lived on Mednik in East Los Angeles. Again, I speculate someone called him on the phone so he would leave, and this is why he was walking out so late at night, it was set up to have him killed for money. About five years ago my uncle Richard (mother's side) told me how his son Zach and he were speaking to this young priest at a church and this guy blatantly said how Jack was set up by the girls in Wilmington. How would this young guy know that? The incident was way before his time. So, whoever shot and murdered Jack bragged to this young guy who is a priest as he bragged about it like he knew all the details. It's only a matter of time that I find this priest. The photo above was taken over 40 years and this sign was eventually taken down after the new owners took over those properties on Mednek. Jack wanted out of Eat Los Angeles. Jack was accepted to college by the psychology department. A letter was received one month after he was killed. I know Rebecca had something to do with this. Yet the bitch who killed Jack walked and was never convicted. Once I get the court transcripts I'll have more evidence to piece together. 

Zeferino Ramirez Mortuary in Brooklyn between Ford and McDonnell was owned by my Aunt Bea's Family. Diana Zayas was her daughter, and her sister Angie inherited the properties, but they cashed out. This is where Jack's services were held and someone had to suggest it to Rebecca as she wouldn't have known about it. Her only focus was getting the money Jack left behind. If anyone has more information let it be known I will provide a reward for information about the gang whores from Wilmington and the priest as it is obvious he must know her personally or related somehow. 

Jack Palomarez was MURDERED for no other reason than ghetto whores from Wilmington wanting money or other reasons, but they killed a young man and all these bitches walked. When you take a life don’t expect anything good to come from your own life and those responsible are yet to pay for what they did. That cunt who told the court my uncle Jack raped her is a viscous lying bitch and for the court to take her word over a man who has been killed and can’t defend himself is so fucked up and beyond unfair. You bitch better hope I never find you. Far too many people are walking around free after murdering a human being for selfish narcissistic reasons fucked up reasons. May you burn in hell whores and Rebecca Zulacia.

   In Loving Memory of John Jack Palomarez


Lisa Calce Garrettson White Trash Bakersfield

Lisa Calce is over 50 and still hasn’t grown up, she’s a drunk and weak-minded, selfish cunt who plays the victim to anyone who will listen to her complain. This white trash bitch is disrespectful from the moment I met her, she has no education, no class, and no self-respect, her narrow-mindedness is a reason to dislike her altogether. Actually, now I recall it was before I met her, this is how IGNORANT and STUPID FUCKED UP WHITE PEOPLE REALLY are. Todd told his dumb ass sister of my race and her response, “Oh does she speak English”? I could hear that big mouth through the phone. 

Lisa Calce Garrettson whatever your name is White Trash in Bakersfield

I remember the many times she called her brother Todd it was only to bitch and complain about the family problems. Never to say hello or ask how you are?. First, it began with her trying to unload Todd's mom on both of us and I told Lisa, Barbra is not our responsibility, she’s your mother and why should Todd take her, she was never in Todd’s life the way a mother should be? All I recall Todd telling me is how his mother burned him with cigarettes when he was a kid, he hated the men in her life and there were many as his memories were never positive about his parents and he remembered them fighting in the parking lot at the whiskey GoGo.

During this time Todd and I were both working in Los Angeles and Lisa would call regularly late at night drunk every time. She once called about her boyfriend Mike she was living with and how he took off for a month. She was so stupid, “Oh I don’t know where he is”. Uh. with another woman obviously and making a plan to kick you out when he comes back and sure enough that’s exactly what he did. She made for a lousy mate and she wasn’t wife material. This guy was sick of her drinking and partying. The phone calls never stopped and at some point, she expected Todd to school her nephew because Stevie Zimmerman was a drug addict and heroin junkie and didn’t care about his life or his future. That loser didn’t work, but frankly, he should have spent more time in prison as the year he spent wasn’t long enough.

Again, its not our responsibility he has parents although they weren’t worth a dam as his father was a pill popper and his mother Tina was another idiot who just put up with it all and walked around with a fake smile on her face and cocktail in her hand. Lisa had no respect for us she only called to complain never to ask how were doing or if Todd was okay. He hadn’t dealt with his own problems considering all that happened and this bitch dumping all this shit on us including the mother. Lisa never cared for her mother her and Tina would sit there getting drunk with Barbra. Frankly, I had the impression Tina couldn’t wait for Barbra to drop dead. She had to take her in because she couldn’t be on her own anymore and her friend didn’t want to rent a room to Barbra because she would drink all day and fall and get hurt. The woman was already 80 years old. She wasn’t a good mother at all and it's because her own mother had abused her very badly, abuse it’s a vicious cycle. It’s in society everywhere we go. Lisa was so ignorant the first time I met her hillbilly ass face to face she says to me, I don’t want to hear about your sex life with my brother, this white cunt is so fucken STUPID, I never would consider her someone to trust or confide in. She must have me confused with someone else, I have manners (but I won’t hold back on being blunt) unlike this bitch and her narrow-minded thinking.

A couple of years go by and she hooks up with this guy Mike (another Mike) as he too is a bigger drunk than Lisa. She marries him after his sister warned her not to, but Mike lied to Lisa about his job which he had none, because he had nowhere to go. So, he lived with Lisa her son. Months go by and Lisa notices the problems become more transparent so she divorced Mike a year later because the IRS said he owed over 12,000 dollars. A few months passed and Mike killed himself at the local motel, after overdosing on pills and booze. Lisa again ignorantly denies he was a drug user. I remember when Todd and I moved to La Mirada she would keep calling late at night drunk and as she spoke about Mike, she said how they would never have sex. How the fuck is a guy who is drunk 24/7 going to perform or be in a romantic mood? Notice the contradiction? I questioned Lisa why she married this guy and she confessed that she was lonely. Every man this bitch has been with has ended on a sour note with nothing to show for it in the end. Lisa Calce Admas Garretson whatever your name is BITCH!!! Sound familiar Lisa? Her last name has changed many times from all the men she’s had failed relationships with.

Nothing will ever work out for Lisa until she decides to change her attitude and educate her ignorant ass. White people think they're special when in fact they're NOT, just narrow-minded and fucken Stupid! Oh, I have advice for Lisa go get section 8 housing bitch because you can’t afford retail especially since your too lazy to work 70 hours a week. She works now as a care provider but it doesn’t pay much unless you work 7o hours a week. White bitches are lazy they only prefer to sit on their fat asses behind a desk.

Lisa had lost her job a few years ago because the new owners who were Asian took over the convalescent hospital she worked at; she was mad expressing they needed to go back home. Maybe, they do but she had no business working there with a DUI hanging over her as the hospital could lose its license. It was only because the white manager gave her the job knowing she had a DUI on her record. Again, white people fuck up and still gain favoritism when she should have been kicked out the door. Now she works at IHSS as a care provider, which she sucked at.

Lisa didn’t give a fuck when her brother Todd died that’s what a selfish whore she really is. I called Barba and left a message on her cell phone because she didn’t answer and Lisa called (which I never asked her to do only to be disrespectful) with a shitty attitude. She is a lowlife degenerate cunt who is a selfish pig. I only pray her soul burns in hell for the problems Lisa, Tina, and Cynthia Taylor caused me as I haven’t forgotten. Your cunts will get yours when you least expect it. As for Barbra, I’m sure she is dead at this point and I’m sure these bitches are glad!

Tina Calce Zimmerman - Smith Racist HillBilly

Tina Calce Zimmerman Smith whatever your name is a racist white trash hillbilly working at AmericanGeneral and living in Redneck city Bakersfield. The first time I met Tina she was as ignorant as white trash can be, like her sister with no education and worked selling air time. Maybe I’ll contact some of those customers who might not be interested in buying airtime from a racist cunt like Tina.

Tina thought it was okay to give her welfare witch of a daughter my cell number calling me with her bullshit thinking she’s funny but Sammy is a lowlife who can’t keep her legs closed and popping out kid after kid because she needs to compete with Nikki who has adopted three children. Then there is Tina's other kid Steve Zimmerman white trash with no education in and out of prison, breaking into the neighbors’ homes and a junkie on heroin, Tina had Steve calling me up yelling I was NEGRO, am I? Why don’t you say it to my face you piece of shit? Actually, I am Native and Mexican American my ancestors are indigenous here, but you jackass, are not. No white person (white trash in America evolved through incest). Although none of you would know that since none of you graduated high school.

Tina and Mr. Smith who she desperatly went Husband Hunting for to save her from her demise

When I think back on it Tina never acknowledged Todd she didn’t even when we came to see his mother for the first time, she didn’t ask how he was or anything about him. When he was very ill and I reached out for help she ignored me because that’s the way this ignorant whore is yet she enables her loser son to hold him by the hand. He’s over 30 and she still breasts feed that piece of shit. Who is nothing more than a loser and a coward? You know I remember Tina and Lisa fighting when we were visiting during the holiday and Lisa used the N-word and Tina didn’t like it one bit and yelled at Lisa for how she sounded like white trash.

Aren’t you a hypocrite Tina, and straight out the mouth of a lying cunt. She has no problem pointing out anyone else’s flaws but can’t see her own. Her daughter Sammy is a loser just like her mother as Sammy mimics everything her mother does, she has no one else to look up to. I recall Sammy attacked me when I was in the bathroom only to be a bitch and say how she needed to use it. There was a bathroom in the hall and then Tina comes over and starts calling me CHA CHA see deep down in her soul she is a two-face cunt who is a RACIST BITCH and she knows it!! Fucked up, white people. Well, I guess I should have figured they would behave this way considering they grew up in the gutter. I also witnessed Tina yelling at Nikki’s adopted children when they were playing on the chair, yet she allowed her dogs to lay all over the furniture. A message to Nikki I would be overprotective of your daughter she is a child of color and will grow to be a woman of color, so if Tina is a racist, I would be careful. And keep her away from Steven Zimmerman since anyone with Olive skin is Negro. You wouldn’t want any of them to hurt your child considering the abusive background they come from.

Todd’s mom was pleasant, she actually expressed to me how she had respect for me it sounded sincere and I don’t doubt she never told her daughters that. Otherwise, Barbra had a reputation but she was old at the time I met her and still hurt very deeply from her own mother being extremely abusive emotionally and physically, is what I observed. Is the reason she refused to speak about her mother.

What I find disturbing is how Tina lies with no conscious I mean for all those people who know her and have read her Facebook Page. Tina has not been married to Mr. Smith for 21 years. That is a lie and look what it reads on her Facebook page, Tina implies her daughter Sammy is from a man of 21 years and her son is from someone else. As if people aren’t going to notice the lies, she tells.

Kenneth Zimmerman and Tina were married for 21 years both of her loser kids are from Kenneth. The other guy she leached on to and met at Lisa’s wedding and hooked up with him in a hurry because Uncle Sam, was going to rip into her with taxes, is Mr. Smith. One day Tina catches father and son doing their drugs together, she kicks Kenny out, files for divorce and after meeting Mr. Wonderful she sells that house on Waterwheel and purchases a new house in a newly developed set of track homes that were built. Tina now lives here

Tina, Sammy (like mom) Stupid Steve Zimmerman Racist White Trash in Bakersfield
Frankly, I don’t know what that man sees in her but Tina looks up at him like he’s Prince Charming who saved her from her Demise. I have no doubt Lisa's jealous but Tina looks out for herself she walks around pretending life is perfect with her fake smiles but deep down she is strung out to the point that she can’t drive her car on the freeway anymore. Now that she has a new hubby and home life is grand. And that’s what is important to Tina how society views her. It's important to Tina that she appears stable, she isn’t. Having a home and bargaining your life for security from a man she barely knew that’s desperation. Many women are guilty of that and so much more. Gee… I hope he doesn’t have a heart attack and die on her. Then she’ll be right back where she started, but I won’t feel sorry for her, if it happens frankly, I hope it does. I pray to the DEVIL her daughter Sammy gets a kick in the head and ends up with no husband and let’s see how far that whore will go on her shit job cutting hair.

I am curious if she took in her loser son with no job and a long rap sheet as he went on crying to his mommy with no place to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did and that would be more than what Mr. Smith bargained for, if I were him, I wouldn’t put up with it. Steve tries to convince everyone he found GOD, but he is full of shit, he doesn’t know what GOD is if slapped him in the face and if he did find GOD then why is he calling me a NEGRO? Is that the behavior of a good Christian? Of course not. No more than all those white trash evangelists you see on TV getting caught in homosexual affairs and snorting drugs. The Calce family is just a bucket of shit and I’m referring to Tina and Lisa, remember Tina your job is at stake here because customers now know what you are!


Kimberly Stewart is White Trash

For years I've listened to the media brag of how Kimberly Stewart is a social light. No, she is a loser who has never worked a job in her entire life. She is just white trash and peddles off of her daddy's name. The only accomplishment that white bitch has done is grow old only to turn out just like her mother Alana Stewart, now this bitch is something, but we'll get to her later.  The media has a bad habit of calling white bitches, "social lights" because the world has to look up to white women. White women need to be on a pedestal. They're not whores their special, yeah right. I'm sure all of Tiger Woods's whores are special too. As white women will suck any dick as long as it has a phat dollar attached to it. It's a label and they are not special. There is nothing special or interesting about any of these morons, but I can't help myself today I'm going to exploit this white trash for what they both are. "White Trash Whores" using children for financial gain and peddling off of Rod Stewart's name. 

In addition to using names every time I look and read an article, it's pathetic how Rod Stewart and Benicio Del Toro's names are used to support this white trash, it's the only way to give her any leverage. Kimberly is pathetic, uneducated, and has never worked a real job. Used every excuse in the book to sit around waiting for some idiot to marry her because she needs financial support, white women don't work! Now years later she found an idiot to marry dumb ass. Benicio must be thrilled Kimberly is now someone else's problem. This is all too obvious to me but women are GUILTY of using children for "financial leverage" just as her mother Alana did and so did Kimberly it's the reason she fucked Benicio and begged him to marry her, she tried hard to get pregnant again in hopes he would marry her. Thank God he did NOT make that huge mistake! Can you imagine? Maybe not but that bitch, her colors would have changed the moment the honeymoon took place. I mean look what happened to Johnny Depp. People come on real love doesn't come with a price tag, real love is sacrifice, real love is being there when shit goes bad, real love is working hard to keep the home together not one person depending on another because they have a few coins in the bank. Not for white whores, and some not so white, look at Salma Hayek she is a Mexican whore who did the very same thing fucked a man to use her pregnancy for financial leverage.

Well let's look into the past shall we because it thrills me to slash this stupid white bitch, actually I feel sorry for this guy he has no idea what he just did. Yet neither did Daniel Moder (Julia Roberts's husband) he is scared of her, it's obvious, don't let the fake smiles for the press fool you. Julia Roberts is a controlling psycho. Not to get off subject but I found this from a NOT A JULIA ROBERTS FAN! It was hilarious and I so agree. Julia Roberts is a controlling bitch, it's so obvious, see you must realize women can see through other women's bullshit just like men can see through men's bullshit. I am curious what Julia did to sell her ass and soul to work in the industry. I mean her brother Eric got her in, but who did she fuck for all those movie titles? No one gets a free pass and she has no talent, hell most people on film have no talent. As for her husband, he is too scared and too weak to walk out on that crazy bitch, but he should the minute his kids are legal age, I mean if you want to have a peaceful sane life why stay with a crazy cunt like Julia Roberts? Daniel wake up can you actually see yourself growing old with that bitch and say you are fulfilled in your heart, in your soul, NOPE! I didn't think so. GET OUT AND SAVE YOURSELF!  So this "not a fan" shouldn't feel bad at all because you are not the only one who sees through this crazy cunt. Yeah, I remember Steven Seagal, I remember he ruined Kelly LaBroc's life she was young and beautiful and he ruined her with domestic violence and keeping her barefoot and pregnant. Now she is older and her career is gone because of him and Julia you are Steven Seagal's twin. I remember his brother who was white trash scum working as an agent hiring young fags to work in his office and he was an ex-junkie. See these people are nothing special.